Bias and Racial Profiling

By California Commission on POST


  • Duration: 2 Hrs
  • CPT: 2
  • Created: 5/29/2020

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About This Product

The goal of this training program is to provide law enforcement with an understanding of historical contexts and how they affect law enforcement’s ability to serve. This training will review the idea of history as it relates to racial bias and community perceptions, review potential ways biases may affect decision making, reveal how bias and profiling impact the profession and influences public perception, identify various communities’ perspectives and concerns, and reflect on diversity within law enforcement agencies.

Meets Mandate: Penal Code 13519.4(i) and POST Regulation 1081

This program satisfies the two-hour Racial Profiling refresher training mandate only when the student views the training video, completes the assessment, and meets with a qualified Racial Profiling instructor (see Regulation 1070) to review the assessment and course material.

Informational/Individual Viewing: Although this viewing mode allows an individual trainee or a small group of trainees to view the training video without formal (classroom) facilitation by an instructor, each individual completing this viewing mode must meet with a qualified Racial Profiling instructor after program completion to review the individual’s completed assessment and course content in order to satisfy the refresher training requirement.

This viewing mode features the same scenarios and questions or activities as the “Facilitated Group Course” track. Individual viewers may view sample group discussions, followed by comments from subject matter experts that reiterate and reinforce the teaching points. A "Participant’s Guide" document (PDF) is downloadable.

Instructions: Videos do not receive automatic CPT because an agency is required to facilitate discussion of the video before submitting an EDI course roster for credit. Only when facilitation is conducted by a qualified Racial Profiling instructor will course credit for this video be recorded in each officer’s or dispatcher's POST Training Profile. After viewing the video, you will see an ”Email Notification” link that will generate a “Verification of Viewing” that you may email to your Racial Profiling-qualified training manager/facilitator to let them know you have completed viewing the video and are ready to discuss it.

Support Materials: Bias and Racial Profiling Participant’s Guide

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