Initial Response to Natural Disasters

By California Commission on POST


  • Duration: 2 Hrs
  • CPT: 2

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About This Product

This training program is designed to enhance California law enforcement personnel’s natural disaster preparedness and on-scene actions with specific focus on the initial stages of an incident before standardized emergency management systems are fully operational. Segments include common measures officers and their families can make ahead of an incident, actions taken by officers during disasters, a review of personal well-being and how critical incidents often affect those involved, and considerations in decision-making to provide for better and safer outcomes for first responders and the communities they serve.

The program progresses through pre-planning, awareness, initial response, evacuations, communications, security, and repopulation and self-care sections. The training includes expert commentary highlighting the experiences of those who found themselves in the middle of emerging disasters, along with a special case-study providing first-hand experiences of officers directly involved with recent disasters.

Informational/Individual Viewing: This viewing mode allows an individual trainee or a small group of trainees to view the training video without formal (classroom) facilitation by an instructor. Features the same scenarios and questions or activities as the “Facilitated Group Course” track. Individual viewers may view sample group discussions, followed by comments from subject matter experts that reiterate and reinforce the teaching points. A "Participant’s Guide" document (PDF) is downloadable.

Instructions: Videos do not receive automatic CPT because an agency is required to facilitate discussion of the video before submitting an EDI course roster for credit. Only then is course credit for this video recorded in each officer’s or dispatcher's POST Training Profile. After viewing the video, you will see an ”Email Notification” link that will generate a “Verification of Viewing” that you may email to your training manager to let them know you have completed viewing the video and are ready to discuss it.

Support Materials: Initial Response to Natural Disasters Participant’s Guide

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